Aldo suits my Chinese New Year style!

“Each day of the New Year is like a page of a book
potent with lessons and adventures thereby creating memories to last you a lifetime “

Every year I always celebrate Chinese New Year with my family in my hometown, Bandung. We are in such a very big family. The great thing about that, we can have a quite festive CNY dinner. Dont forget all oranges and delicious dessert. It is so much fun!

I’m not married yet so I’m entitled to get all the hongbaos :-). However, the most important thing is family gathering. Surely I buy and wear new clothes and all men accessories, that is really something I don’t do in Christmas time.

This year I get more excited for having Aldo collections. They suit me well. This Chinese New Year I’m wearing very chic red sandals called Astireria with super nice Chinese pattern and also a waist bag which is super cute inside because in the inside of the bag you can see the details and pattern of Chinese ornaments.

Chinese New Year this year will be much fun and stylish with Aldo!

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