I never thought I would be a model. It started when I won a local model search competition in my hometown Bandung, after that, everything begun to change.

Although the first reason I took part in it, simply because I want to travel abroad as it was it’s first prize.

From that I begin to love being a model. I started this career, then moved to Jakarta as the Fashion and Entertainment capital of Indonesia, where I can have more opportunities instead of living in Bandung.

I love this new environment, meeting a lot of creative people, new friends, new places, new experiences and challenges as well, but I really enjoy all of them and learn much from that. It is such such a long process and not an easy journey but it is truly beneficial to my life.

The good thing to be a model.. I have to keep on learning and learning and working hard and harder to survive. In my viewpoints, everything changes so fast in this fashion industry and I think Indonesia has always something new to offer. It is important for me to contribute and to be in the one of it.