As a little boy, I am the one who kept doodling on every wall at home. I love my scribbles on the walls, it contained my dream and fantasy , until my parents redirected me to an acceptable drawing space . After a few days they let me join in a drawing and art course in Bandung,

I spent most of my weekends in art studio and  I took part in some drawing competitions. It was always fun and I got some trophies, medals and prizes both regional and international drawing competition.

In high school, I still did this hobby; I was often sent as school representative for different kinds of  drawing competitions. I was  also the head of school’s wall magazine. Decorating and making various design and layouts was something I love from this position.

Deep inside my heart I wanted to be  a painter but I didn’t know how to make it comes true since some friends discouraged me . they said I could not make a living by painting.

After I finished my studiesl I try to rekindle this dream again.

 I begun painting and made my own exhibition in 2018. I know it is still a long journey but I don’t mind if I have to go through this process as long as I will follow my heart.

A Bed Time Story

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